Frequently Asked Questions

Is the school registered?

The school is registered with the GDE and has an EMIS number (700401008).

Does Amberfield College have a Pre-Primary School?

Yes. Our Pre-Primary School offers Gr RRR – R, Gr RRR: (3 years turning 4), Gr RR: (4 years turning 5), Gr R: (5 years turning 6). Included in the school fees for the Pre-Primary School: 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch), Aftercare until 17:30, Sport and Culture activities as well as Swimming lessons in Term 1 and Term 4. Our Gr RRR – R learners follow the Regio Curriculum (‘learning through play’) and our Gr R learners follow the CAPS Curriculum.

Does Amberfield College have a Primary School?

Yes. Our Primary School offers Gr 1 – Gr 7. Included in the school fees for the Primary School: Textbooks, all Sport and Culture activities as well as Swimming lessons in Term 1 and Term 4 (for Gr 1 & 2). Our Gr 1 – 7 learners follow the CAPS Curriculum.

Does Amberfield College have a High School?

Yes. Our High School offers Gr 8 – Gr 12. Included in the school fees for the High School: Textbooks, all Sport and Culture activities. Our Gr 8 – 12 learners follow the CAPS Curriculum and write the National Senior Certificate Exams.

What are the values of Amberfield College?

  • People
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Excellence

What is the history of Amberfield College?

Our school is under the management of Royal Schools which has been operating for the last 28 Years. Amberfield College is the 5th campus which opened in 2019 with 820 learners, and currently has 1400 learners and 100 staff members. We also have reliable partners such as Old Mutual and Central Developments.

What curriculum does Amberfield College you follow?

We follow the CAPS curriculum set out by the Department of Education. Our Grade 12’s write the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination.

Which sport activities does Amberfield College offer?

Swimming, Athletics, Netball, Soccer, Rugby, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Hockey, Chess, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Archery, Softball and Tennis

Which culture activities does Amberfield College offer?

Eisteddfod, Choir, Drama, Dance, Art Club, Music Club, School Newspaper/Magazine, Photography, Public Speaking, Debate, Revue, Student Christian Council, Mr & Miss Amberfield and Marimbas

What is included in the school fees of Amberfield College?

  • Our school fees include the following:
    • Textbooks, ebooks / learner support material
    • Intervention classes for learners that struggle with certain subjects
    • Extra lessons for learners that want to improve their marks in certain subjects
    • All sport and culture activties
    • 2 Meals a day (Gr RRR – R learners only)
    • Aftercare until 17h30 (Gr RRR – R learners only)
    • Swimming Lessons (Gr RRR – 2 learners only)
  • Our school fees do not include:
    • Stationery packs
    • Uniform and sportswear
    • Trips and outings
    • Aftercare for Gr 1 – 7 learners

What is the registration fee at Amberfield College?

The registration fee is R4 870 per learner for 2022 and it is a once-off and non-refundable fee.

How do I apply at Amberfield College?

Our Application takes place in 6 easy steps and takes about 5 days from the day that all the required documents have been received:

  1. Download application forms from our website under ‘Documents’. Parents can also apply online on the school’s website by clicking on ‘Apply Online’ in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Submit the completed application form with all the required supporting documents to
  3. The application will be assessed and verified
  4. If application was successful, parents will receive an email with the provisional acceptance letter, family code and banking details to pay the once-off non-refundable registration
  5. Pay the registration fee as soon as possible to secure your child’s space and send the POP to
  6. Once the POP has been received by the school the parent will receive an email with the Final Acceptance Letter.

Is Amberfield College a private school?

Yes, we are a private school managed by Royal Schools.

How many learners does Amberfield College have in a class?

  • Maximum of 25 learners per pre-primary school class
  • Maximum of 26 learners per primary school class
  • Maximum of 30 learners per secondary school class

What languages are offered at Amberfield College?

Our Pre-Primary School Gr RRR – R offers English (HL). Our Primary school Gr 1 - 7 offers English(HL) and Afrikaans(FAL), Sepedi (FAL) isiZulu(FAL). Our Secondary school Gr 8 - 12 offers English(HL), Sepedi(FAL), Afrikaans(FAL), isiZulu(FAL).

Does Amberfield College offer stationery and textbooks as part of the school fees?

All textbooks are provided for and included in school fees on a loan basis. These must be returned to the school at the end of the year. Lost or damaged textbooks must be replaced by the parent at an additional fee. A starter pack of stationery for all grades must be purchased by the parent themselves. Stationery lists are available on our Website under ‘Documents’.

Does Amberfield College offer transport?

Our school does not offer transportation however we can provide a list of Shuttle services who transport our learners from different areas. This list of transport companies have been vetted by the school for police clearance and PDPs. Kindly send us an email at should you wish to receive this list.

How is the discipline in Amberfield College?

We believe that discipline is key to the success of our school. At Amberfield College we have a strict conduct system that has Merits and Demerits. Negative behaviour receives demerits (negative points) and positive behaviour is rewarded with Merits (positive points). We also have a zero tolerance towards Bullying as well as the use of Cellphones during school hours.

Where is Amberfield College?

We are situated in Amberfield City, Centurion, just off the N14 Highway. Our Address is 4180 Amampondo Street, Amberfield City, Rooihuiskraal North

How do I contact Amberfield College?

Please feel free to call us on 012 534 3344. Alternatively you can also send an email to