Hospitality and warmth
By Mr & Dr Zuma

“Good morning beloved teachers ”

“We hope this email finds you well. We are a new family coming from Pietermaritzburg who have just been at school for 2 days! Our boys are Grade RR, Grade 4 and Grade 11.”

“The hospitality and warmth we have received from the school is amazing! We really felt like VIPs in the school. The boys are really enjoying and already made friends. The follow ups from subject teachers by courtesy phone calls extends the care and empathy that the school provides. We really feel at home and our anxiety was calmed within 20 minutes of our arrival.”

“We can’t thank you enough, the teachers have shown us that this is their calling and have it in their hearts to care for the kids. We appreciate your kindness. ”

Kind regards,
Mr & Dr Zuma

Comments from Parents on the 2021
Parent Satisfaction Index

“I think the teachers are amazing and we get to love them from what we hear about them.”

“This is my daughter’s first year at the school. She is in Grade RR and she is always happy to be going to school and gets angry if I pick her up too early!”

“The variety of sport and culture the school offers is incredible, and the level of education and support for learners that struggle is truly commendable.”

“Everything is always communicated to us in a timely manner, the school’s processes are transparent.”

“My favourite thing about the school is the communication, level of education, health and safety of learners and the interaction of staff with parents.”

“I like the fact that there is structure and order. It reminds me of how schools used to be back in the day. I also like the fact that older pupils greet parents when they see them on school grounds. That shows that our children are being taught about respect. I am also very impressed with the extended curriculum of the school!”

“There are so many nice things to say about this school. The teacher’s friendliness, school surroundings, kids play grounds, school buildings, class ratios and all the teachers know the kids by their names even if they are not in their class.”

“The conducive environment and security is great. As a parent I know my children are in a good and safe school.”

“I like the buildings of the school, the offering of all the extra mural activities onsite and that they are inclusive in the fees. This is a proper school. Best choice I've made for my kids!”

“I love the diversity of the school. I love how many things like swimming, computers, sport and culture are part of the school package. I also love how the schools are separated from each other to protect the little ones.”

“I admire the values and culture of the school that promotes integration and respect. Notwithstanding the teaching model implemented during difficult times as well as comprehensive teaching and auxiliary facilities.”

Comments from Parents on the 2020
Parent Satisfaction Index

“My son has thrived at this school and I believe this is because of the teachers and the school culture overall. He has grown academically and personally since he’s been at Amberfield.”

“The school has a lovely culture and vibe, and the teachers are very commitment and accommodating to my child’s needs. “

“The management pays attention to details. The school environment offers quality and clean facilities and the class sizes are not too big.”

“I like the school’s cleanliness, security and the chances they afford learners if they do not perform well and including them in all intervention classes.”

“I love the positive energy from the amazing teachers! Seeing passionate and excited teachers who are knowledgeable really warms my heart.”

“I like the school’s teachers, clean grounds and the professionalism of the staff. The efficiency with which the school deals with parent’s enquiries and our children's issues is highly commendable.”

“My kids are happy and excited to be at school and doesn’t want to go on holiday as they would rather want to be at school!”

“Excellent and efficient Customer Service from all staff. Teachers constantly updates us on important school teaching material which is really appreciated.”

“I like the open communication with the educators. They excel in it. They make you feel free when they are with your kids as they become parents in your absence.”

“I really appreciate the diversity in the school with regards to culture and religion.”

“My daughter thrives under the guidance of the Maths teacher. She is an inspiration. I enjoy constant communication and updates and that the education my children receive is premium and gearing them for their best future.”

Thank you Amberfield College Staff!
Jaycee Bekker

Hi Katy,
I trust that this email finds you well!

During these uncertain times, here are a few things that I am certain of:

  • My son is always kept safe while at school
  • He has lost minimal learning time, as the homework has been added to the eportal virtually every day, since the start of the Covid19 pandemic
  • We, as parents, are kept well informed at all times
  • The teachers at Amberfield do an exceptional job of recording lessons, liaising with each other to ensure an even spread of workload and has clearly communicated all requirements at all times
  • Despite the risk to themselves and their own families, teachers and staff have been at school; long before students were asked to return
covid19 testimonials

I am so proud to be an Amberfield College Mom. We appreciate all your dedicated staff more than they will ever understand.

I pay my son’s school fees with a smile in my heart today, because I know how fortunate he is to be receiving the same high quality education, despite the current challenges we all face.

Have a wonderful weekend Katy and THANK YOU!!

Kind regards,
Jaycee Bekker | Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

Reply on action taken by school regarding a COVID-19 case at school
Chantal Atchanna

Good Day Mam
I trust you are well.

I can't begin to explain the relief I feel following the new Memo that's been sent out!

My family was extremely anxious about sending our son back to school, given the current situation (even though we know the school is doing it's best to remain safe).

Your decision to continue with distance learning has just shown that Amberfield College is sensitive to the needs and fears of parents and students alike.

We also welcome the much-needed break for our children and teachers.

Thank you so very much for this (divine) intervention! We're so happy to know that our son attends a school that genuinely cares for his wellbeing.

covid19 case

Kind regards,
Chantal Atchanna

Transparency at Amberfield College (COVID-19)
Thandi Shadrack

Hi Katy.
I hope you are well,

I would like to applaud you and the management of Amberfield College for the transparency on this matter and for always keeping us in the loop on new cases as well as steps that the school is taking.

I also appreciate the fact that your leadership also listens to the parents. Since the schools have started the teachers have been amazing, patient and extra helpful.I am working from home so Siya is doing school with me and I have seen a huge difference in his performance and on the positives of online schooling it has given me an opportunity to identify areas of development and assist him to overcome.

You have dedicated staff that is very passionate about their job, doing the best that they can under the circumstances. I pay my son's school fees with a smile because I see the hard work and dedication provided by each and every one of them (Grade6A).

Keep up the good work, we are taking note as parents and appreciate it very much.

covid19 case

Take care and be safe.
Kind Regards,

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